Article Submission

Association for Renal, Metabolic and Nutritional Studies (ASRMN) invites you to submit your scientific research articles to be published in Proceedings INTERDIAB 2020 (e-book), indexed Web of Science. Most valuable scientific researches will also be awarded.


The scientific researches will be submitted in extenso, as articles, without first submitting the abstract only.

Articles must be edited in English and uploaded as Word files (PDF files are not accepted!).

Articles must be edited strictly respecting the template that can be downloaded from here and taking into consideration all template features, as your article being published depends on it!

After submitting the article, you can log in at any moment, using the e-mail and password you put in the submitting form. Logging in allows you to check the way your article was uploaded, as well as its titles, authors and their affiliation are displayed.

The maximum number of articles to be submitted as main author (main author = first author, corresponding author or last author) is 4!


Please select the medical specialty (Topic) for your article to be categorized as well as the mean you want your article to be taken into consideration for InterDiab 2020 Conference (Category):

– article publication in Proceedings InterDiab 2020 + oral presentation of your paper within the Conference (first author is exempted from paying the Conference fee)

– publication only.

Please take into consideration that the final decision whether an article to be accepted as publication + oral presentation or as publication only, belongs to the Conference Scientific Committee, based on the Conference program scientific needs.

The InterDiab 2020 Scientific Committee encourages authors to submit articles of original scientific research. Reviews, clinical cases and case reports will be considered from the start for publication only and just for ISBN indexation.


– 10th of January, 2020: deadline for submitting an article and/or for modifying an already submitted article.

– 11th-31st of January, 2020: articles’ evaluation process; each article will be evaluated by at least 2 reviewers, members of the Scientific Committee, in blind (no authors names and/or affiliation will be known by the reviewers); the list of Scientific Committee members will be soon displayed on InterDiab Conference official website:; during the evaluation process authors won’t be asked to review the content of their articles excepting the case when an article content is not clear to the reviewers.

– 3rd-4th of February, 2020: authors will be announced on the results of the evaluation process.

– 4th-7th of February, 2020: authors who want their article(s) to be published in Proceedings InterDiab 2020 (e-book), indexed Web of Science must pay 90 Euro as publication fee for each article and send the payment proof as a replay to the e-mail through they have been announced that their article was accepted; authors who do not want publication and Web of Science indexation, but publication with ISBN indexation, won’t need to pay any publication fee.



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